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In addition to its stunning natural beauty, the island of São Miguel also offers a rich cultural and gastronomic experience that is worth exploring during your stay.

Caldeiras das Furnas

From traditional festivals to local delicacies, there is a lot to discover:

  1. Visit the charming towns and villages: Explore the picturesque towns and villages of São Miguel, where you will find charming architecture and a welcoming atmosphere. Don't forget to visit Ponta Delgada, the island's capital, with its historic buildings and lively nightlife.
  2. Take part in local festivals: São Miguel is known for its traditional festivals, which celebrate Azorean culture, music and cuisine. During your stay, look for popular festivals such as the Festas do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, in Ponta Delgada, or the Festas do Espírito Santo all over the island.
  3. Try the local cuisine: Don't forget to try the typical dishes of São Miguel, which are a true explosion of flavors. Try the famous Furnas stew, the stewed octopus, the fresh cheese from the Azores and the delicious desserts such as the bolo lêvedo and the queijadas from Vila Franca do Campo.
  4. Visit the tea factories: São Miguel is the only place in Europe where tea is produced on a large scale. Pay a visit to the Gorreana and Porto Formoso tea factories, where you can learn about the tea production process and taste different varieties.
  5. Explore local markets: São Miguel's markets are great places to try fresh local produce and learn about the daily lives of locals. Visit Mercado da Graça in Ponta Delgada or Mercado Municipal de Ribeira Grande to find a variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads and more.

With its rich culture, delicious cuisine and lively festivals, São Miguel Island offers a truly unique experience that will delight all visitors. Don't miss the opportunity to explore everything this fascinating island has to offer during your stay.

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